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Recorded May 24, 2022 · Produced by Plotline

Increased needs for service and demands on the nonprofit sector over the past two years of pandemic response has led to high turnover rates, loss of institutional knowledge and dramatically increased stress levels among the region’s nonprofit leaders.

Presented by Dr. Spencer Harris on May 24, these trends are among the findings of a survey of nonprofit leaders conducted by the Habitat Communication & Culture on behalf of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Habitat Communication & Culture is an organizational consulting and leadership development company affiliated with Mostly Serious, a leading Midwestern digital marketing firm founded in Springfield.

The Habitat research study is based on data from about 120 nonprofit executives representing some of the region’s largest providers of nonprofit services. The region’s nonprofit sector provides a vital safety net for vulnerable residents in areas like health and mental health, food and housing security, and youth and senior needs that aren’t supported by the private sector or public tax dollars. Nonprofits often rely on uncertain revenue streams through grants and charitable funding and operate with minimal paid staff supplemented by volunteer support that was significantly reduced during the pandemic.

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