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A Foundation for Phelps County Based in Rolla, the Phelps County Community Foundation is the CFO’s 55th regional affiliate. Learn More

Resources for Established and Startup Nonprofits

Trusted resources, tips and guidance for established and startup nonprofits.

Agency Partner Program

For Executive Directors & CEOs

Nonprofit CEO/Executive Director Training, Onboarding and Orientation

Nonprofit CEO/Executive Director Role — Job Descriptions and General Information

Nonprofit CEO/Executive Director Performance Evaluation

For Startup & Established Nonprofit Leaders

How to determine if you should start a nonprofit

Resources for starting a nonprofit

General resources for nonprofit operations

The resources below provide great information on a variety of topics. You can search most of these websites for the specific information you need.

Guidance for common stages and challenges of nonprofit growth

Resource for many areas of general information

  • Khan Academy: This helpful to some for subjects such as accounting and understanding balance sheets, profit and loss statements, improving communication and writing skills, marketing, etc. Search for the topic you need.

Special Presentation

The Realities of Leading a Non-Profit

Learn the findings of a detailed study on local nonprofit leadership conducted by the Habitat Communication & Culture on behalf of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

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