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Agency Partner Education Series: Caring for the Brain Health of Our Communities

A special series of mental-wellness trainings for nonprofits.

The CFO is partnering with Burrell Behavioral Health to bring the Be Well Community to our nonprofits through a unique training series.

Brain health is a foundational component of human health and wellness. Just like breathing, we constantly feel and experience emotions. The world we live in and our experiences directly affect us and our families, work, organizations and communities. Despite all that we know about their importance, brain health and emotional wellness are often avoided, minimized or neglected altogether. Burnout levels are at all-time high and, with five generations of employees in the workforce, a vast range of experiences and expectations arrive at work. As systems, we are no longer able to ignore the demand for emotionally intelligent leadership.

The nonprofit track feature one-hour training sessions each month, followed a few weeks later by a 30-minute application session, from July–October 2022. Each session will cover a topic of brain health and emotional wellness tailored for the nonprofit community. A similar track for rural educators will be offered in 2023.

Please consider engaging your entire workplace in these sessions and committing to attend every session. When team members have the shared knowledge and language of brain health, it makes it much easier to support and care for each other and those we serve.

About the Be Well Community Download the Passport (PDF, 8MB)

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