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Special loan programs for organizations to create lasting community impact.

Loans for public good

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Investments with a “double-bottom line” to improve our communities.

Our Mission-Related and Program-Related Investment programs offers loans for nonprofits and community projects, often at below-market rates. The loan repayments fuel future projects while investing in needs that might not otherwise qualify for financing. That’s why it’s called a “double-bottom line” that benefits all involved.

To finance a new 1.4-mile section of the Fulbright Spring trail north of Springfield, Ozark Greenways turned to the Mission-Related Investment program. The section reclaims, for recreational use, the retired Fulbright Landfill that was designated a Superfund site in 1983. This is only one example of many community projects across the region that were funded through impact investing.

Impact Investing

Program-Related Investments

Introduced in December 2020, the Program-Related Investment programs was created due to the unprecedented impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the nonprofit sector. Recognizing that different sectors have been affected differently, this program focuses on nonprofit agencies that weren’t emphasized in earlier COVID-related grant rounds. Specifically, this program will support missions focused on arts and culture; conservation and environment; and animal care and advocacy.

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Mission-Related Investments

Since 2010, the CFO’s Mission-Related Investment program has financed community projects. The CFO will consider making below-market loans to help finance projects with a public purpose that need funding to close financing gaps, leverage other dollars or don't qualify for traditional financing. Examples of MRI projects include a new emergency room in West Plains, a tornado shelter/community room in Chadwick and a new building to provide services to homeless teens in Springfield.

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