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You can use the CFO’s online donation platform to donate to a fund by eCheck. This method provides a simple, secure way to give through your checking account.

  1. To give by eCheck, go to and begin the online donation process: Select a fund, determine a gift amount and add the gift to your cart. Repeat the process if you would like to give to multiple funds.
  2. Continue on with the checkout process: Enter your name and contact information, and add any special recognition for your gift. You have the option to add 3% to cover processing fees to ensure the full amount of your intended donation is received by the fund or agency partner.
  3. After reviewing the details of your gift, continue on to the payment processor. The CFO uses Stripe to process online gifts.
  4. Under “Payment method,” choose “US bank account.” You have the option to securely connect to your financial institution (recommended) or to enter your checking account information manually (proceed to step 9).
  5. To securely connect to your financial institution: Enter your full name and mailing address, then search for the financial institution that holds your checking account.
  6. Follow the prompts and enter the login information for you online banking account
  7. Authorize Stripe’s access to your online banking account, allow all data to be shared with Stripe, then click “Submit and close.”
  8. Upon returning to the page with your contact information, click “Pay” to complete the transaction. Your gift is complete!
  9. To enter your checking account information manually: Click on “Enter bank details manually instead.” This option may take one to two business days to process.
  10. Enter the account and routing numbers for your checking account, then click “Continue.”
  11. You will see a prompt that indicates a “micro-deposit” will be made to verify your account. Click “Continue with Community Foundation of the Ozarks.”
  12. You will receive a micro-deposit of $0.01 into your account to confirm your account details. You will receive an email from in one to two business days asking you to confirm the deposit and the four digits provided in the details of the transaction. You can find the four digits by logging into your online banking account and locating the micro-deposit.
  13. Once the four digits are verified, your donation will be complete. You will also receive two emails with a “confirmation of direct debit authorization” from and an email with your “Donation Tax Receipt” attached as a pdf.

Thank you for your gift!

If you have any questions about the process, please contact

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