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Missouri Census Data Center — Resources for population and demographics

MCDC offers several applications and data sources for deriving population estimates at the state and county levels. These are the most recent available estimates and are updated every year. Sources include the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program. All of these resources may be reached from MCDC Populations Estimates page.

  • Population Estimates by Age provides population data at the state and county level for multiple predefined or custom age cohorts, data years, and sex / race / ethnicity groups. Includes single-year-of-age estimates (for ages 0-84).
  • State/County Annual Population Change shows annual population change from 2000 to the most current year, by state and county, including components of change (natural increase and net migration).
  • Population Trends with Demographics shows total and annualized population changes, by nation / state / county, for any desired date range from 1990 to current, including race and age categories.
  • Curmoests” or current Missouri population estimates is an Excel spreadsheet, updated annually, showing the latest available population estimates for Missouri counties and places (incorporated cities).
  • Data sources by selected area - This menu provides an easy way to show and link to all MCDC data applications for a selected geographic area.
  • General Census data and MCDC help
  • County Fact Sheet

Other Data Resources and Tools

  • Missouri Foundation for Health’s Grant Writing Resources page has many data sources available.
  • Missouri KIDS COUNT data provides interactive access to a repository of comprehensive, longitudinal information on the status of children and their families in Missouri.
  • Missouri Senior Report is a critical, reliable, data-driven resource on issues concerning the senior population. The indicators provide essential context for senior advocates, policy makers, grant writers, researchers, caregivers, businesses, seniors, emerging seniors, and family members to understand and act on the issues.
  • U.S. Census Bureaus’s Data Center Guide
  • American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau
  • The Community Focus Report for Springfield-Greene County is a valuable grant writing tool for agencies serving the Springfield metro area. The report is released every other year with the next released scheduled for fall 2021.
  • Literature Reviews – Students research and gather resources about a specific topic, summarizing each source concisely and citing those sources. These are helpful in finding data for grant applications and maintaining reliable data sources for the future as the sources update their data. Contact the appropriate department(s) for your area of programming or services at your local college or university to discuss what opportunities professors offer students who successfully complete literature reviews.

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