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Our Mission

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We are committed to supporting our community during the coronavirus outbreak. PCCF pledges that all funds donated to the Perry County Family Relief Fund will be earmarked for the COVID-19 Response and distributed within Perry County.

Our mission is to encourage, guide and facilitate the creation of charitable funds that will have an ongoing impact on the culture, aesthetics, education and leadership of Perry County, Missouri.

Our Leadership

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Angela Swan, Chair

Our foundation is led by members of our community.

Angela Swan, Chair
Kelli Behrle, Vice Chair
Susan Krauss, Treasurer
Sean Unterreiner, Secretary/Immediate Past Chair
Tiffany Haertling
Jennifer Janet
Jeff Layton
Natalie Lorenz
Todd Petzoldt
Frank Robinson, Founding Member
Zach Rozier
Scott Sattler
Brent Buerck, Ex-officio

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Kenny Buchheit receives Humanitarian honors

Aug. 11, 2020 — Perry County Community Foundation has named Kenny Buchheit as the Humanitarian of the Year. PCCF marked the occasion with a $1,000 donation to America’s Tractor Museum at its grand opening on Aug. 8. The museum displays Kenny’s vast tractor collection and operates through free-will donations.

“Every year we honor someone who has demonstrated, over a period of many years, a dedication to making life better, in some unique way, for the whole community,” said Angela Swan, chair of PCCF. “The opening of America’s Tractor Museum, Kenny’s latest project, was only the most recent of the many ways Kenny and the Buchheit family have given back to their community. Giving back is what he does, and he has a way of doing it quietly, behind the scenes. We thank him and are pleased to honor him as our 2020 Humanitarian of the Year.”

Historically, PCCF has recognized the Humanitarian of the Year through a dinner and live auction event. Given this year’s current challenges amidst the pandemic, board members voted to adhere to Health Department guidelines by providing a private recognition event for the Buccheit family instead as the community continues to work toward a healthy future.

PCCF is committed to supporting our community during the coronavirus outbreak.

Perry County Community Foundation has activated the Perry County Family Relief Fund as a resource for Perry County’s COVID-19 response and is now accepting contributions. Originally established in March 2017 in response to the devastating tornado that hit Perry County, the fund raised and immediately distributed more than $180,000 locally.

“After those funds were distributed, the PCCF board elected to hold the fund open as a long-term resource in case any other community disaster should strike,” said Angela Swan, current PCCF board chair. “It truly was great long-term planning on the part of our board at the time. Because of their foresight, we are well prepared to quickly initiate this fundraising effort and get the word out about its availability.”

Considered “secondary responders,” PCCF and other local nonprofits stand ready to provide services to the community as the need arises. “In some communities across the nation, we are already seeing gaps addressed such as childcare, needs of seniors and other high-risk individuals, food insecurity, transportation and physical and mental wellbeing. We fully anticipate that other needs will arise in our own county as this story unfolds,” says Swan.

Persons willing to be a part of the relief effort may contribute online. Checks may be mailed to or dropped off the new PCCF location: PCCF, c/o Catalyst Center for Business, 508 N. Main Street, Suite B, Perryville, MO 63775.

PCCF pledges that all funds donated to the Perry County Family Relief fund will be earmarked for COVID-19 Response Family Relief and distributed within Perry County.

PCCF can only grant money directly to 501(c)3 and equivalent nonprofits such as faith and civic entities, which in turn provide services to their constituents. Under IRS rules, PCCF may not make grants directly to individuals. According to Swan, “We are set up this way so we can give a shot in the arm exactly where it is needed, when it is needed, to boost local disaster relief and other community efforts.”

Since its founding on Dec. 12, 2014, Perry County Community Foundation has distributed nearly $1.8 million back to the community. PCCF now holds assets totaling $199,596 as of June 30, 2020.

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