Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation

A trusted resource for philanthropy serving the community of Willard.

Our Mission

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The mission of the Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation is to raise, manage and distribute private investment to benefit the children and future generations of the Willard community.

Since our founding on Aug. 24, 2005, Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation has distributed more than $460,000 in grants to the community. We now hold assets totaling $505,537 as of December 31, 2019.

Our Leadership

Our foundation is led by members of our community.

Amanda Brown, President
Wesley Burrell
Chet Cornelison
Ron Crighton
Rene Flatness
Jacque Gray
Allison Greenwade
Brooke Jarvis
Caryn McDonnell
Brandon Roberts
Rick Stenberg
Rachel Young


JM Crighton Willard Lions Club Fund

Willard Charitable Foundation Capacity Building Fund

WCCF Endowed Fund for the benefit of the Willard Care to Learn Fund

Willard Children’s Health and Dental Fund

Willard Educational Endowment Fund

Willard Community Grantmaking Endowment Fund

Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund

Willard Charitable Foundation Checking Account

Willard Charitable Foundation Administrative Fund

James B. Staley Scholarship Fund

Sims Fund for the Willard Branch Library

Dr. Mildred Fortner Scholarship Fund

Nicholas David Rader Memorial Fund

John Oscar Farmer Family Scholarship Fund

Justin Atchison Memorial Fund

Aaron Goddard Courage Scholarship Fund

Paul and Rosa Nelson Scholarship Fund

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