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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in the Hermann area through resource development, community grantmaking, collaboration and public leadership.

Since our founding on June 6, 2005, the Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Inc. has distributed more than $2,000,000 in grants to the community. We now hold assets totaling $3,008,600 as of June 30, 2020.

Our Leadership

Our foundation is led by members of our community.

Gary Heldt, President
Ron Kraettli, Vice President
Paula Pierce, Secretary
Dustin Kallmeyer, Treasurer
Carol Brandt
Brian Grannemann
Chuck Hartbauer
Brett Hellmann
Tom Jacquin
Gary Leimkuehler
Cathy Lloyd
Bartow Molloy
Steve Mueller
Dr. Scott Smith
Zach Stobart
Bart Toedtmann
Tim Ulhorn
Mark Wallace
Martha Hermosillo, Foundation Coordinator

Community Foundation of the Hermann Area grants $14,950 to local agencies

The Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Inc. has awarded total grants of $14,950 to six nonprofit agencies, with $10,000 dedicated to recovery needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coover Regional Recovery Grants are made possible by the Louis L. and Julia Dorothy Coover Charitable Foundation, managed by Commerce Trust Company in partnership with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. The Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Inc. is one of 30 CFO affiliate foundations to receive Coover grant funding this year and chose to use its award to hold a community recovery grant round for eligible nonprofits.

The Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Inc. awarded its Coover Regional Recovery Grants to:

  • Franklin County Court Appointed Special Advocates: $2,500 to support operations
  • Gasconade County R-1 School District/Families in Action: $500 to support Prom Breakfast/Project Graduation
  • Historic Hermann Inc.: $2,000 to support the Historic Hermann Museum Signage and Archival Project
  • Ministerial Alliance of the Hermann Area: $2,500 to support Samaritan Outreach
  • Touch of Hope/Children’s Relief Mission: $2,500 to support operations

“One of the benefits of the CFO’s affiliate network is the ability of local leaders to make decisions in the best interests of their own communities,” said Jill Reynolds, senior vice president at Commerce Trust. “Using leaders across rural Missouri to award Coover Charitable Foundation grant dollars has contributed to this partnership’s success in distributing more than $7 million since 2002.”

The Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Inc. also announced the latest grants from its community grantmaking fund. A total of $4,950 will support these agencies:

  • Gasconade County R-1 School District: $500 to support Families in Action
  • Hermann Fire Company No. 1: $2,700 for extrication tools; $1,250 for radios and lights (supported by the Wilford Kallmeyer Emergency Responders Endowment Fund)
  • Historic Hermann Inc.: $500 for museum signage

Hermann Area Legacy Society

  • Ron Kraettli
  • Lois Kruse


GRO Hermann

Famliies in Action Fund

Beloved Pawn Fund

Hermann Fire Department Fund

Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Administrative Capacity Fund

George Lipscomb Memorial Toy Ride Fund

Eunice M. Ploeger Scholarship Fund

Hermann Garden Club Fund

Hermann Area Community Development Fund

Gasconade County Math and Science Scholarship Fund

Gasconade County Historical Society Foundation Fund

Gasconade County R-1 Alumni Association Fund

Community Foundation Dual Credit Fund

Gasconade County R-1 Scholarship Fund

HHS Community College/Tech School Grant Fund

Community Foundation of the Hermann Area Administrative Fund

Geoffrey and Dorothy Heying Scholarship Fund

Wilford Kallmeyer Emergency Responders Fund

Hermann Area District Hospital Foundation Inc. Fund

Hermann Food Pantry Fund

Katy Pays It Forward Fund

Wilford Kallmeyer Emergency Responders Endowment Fund

Hermann Combined Agriculture Scholarship Fund

Austin Van Booven Memorial Scholarship Fund

Wyatt’s Fund

Glenn and Carolyn Warnebold Oakglenn Winery Legacy Fund

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Amanda Witthaus Memorial Scholarship Fund

Wine Country Walldogs Fund

Showboat Scholarship and Grant Fund

Streck Educational Foundation Fund

Robert Theissen Memorial Fund

Loutre Island Cemetery Association Fund

Park Pride Fund

Children’s Emergency Fund

Historic Herman, Inc. AB Fund

Cathy Lloyd Family Donor Advised Fund

Brush and Palette Club Arts and Preservation Fund

Brush and Palette Club General Fund

Blake Granneman Memorial Fund

Cathy Lloyd Scholarship Fund

Just Call Me Ray Foundation

Brush and Palette Club Cemetery Restoration Fund

Children’s Backpack Fund

Bearcat Alumni Scholarship Fund

Peoples Savings Bank Scholarship Fund

Historic Herman, Inc. C Fund

Blue and White Fund

Erik R. Heldt Scholarship Fund

Roar Into Reading Fund

Marilyn Kraettli Clifton Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bernie Bahr Forestry Scholarship Fund

Hermann Area Literacy Advocates (HALA) Fund

Hermann Area Recreation Complex Fund

Giving Council Fund

Crusade Against Cancer Capacity Building Fund

Homer Fahrner Alumni Scholarship Fund

Hermann Area Community Grantmaking Endowment Fund

Gerald Engemann Memorial Fund

Blake Grannemann Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deutschheim Association Fund

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