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Carthage Community Foundation

Carthage Community Foundation

A trusted resource for philanthropy serving the community of Carthage.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Carthage through resource development, community grantmaking, collaboration and public leadership.

Since our founding on May 24, 1999, Carthage Community Foundation has distributed more than $10,442,599 in grants to the community. We now hold assets totaling $14,716,764 as of June 30, 2023.

Our Leadership

Our foundation is led by members of the community.

  • John Nicholas, President
  • Jay Thompson, Vice President
  • Bren Flanigan, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jessica Adams
  • Amy Cole
  • Darren Collier
  • Susan Coy
  • Alyssa Hess
  • Melissa Little
  • Cathryn McNary
  • Robert Oexman
  • Scott Silvers
  • Stephanie Howard., Advisory Board Member
  • Danny Lambeth, Advisory Board Member
  • Patrick Scott, Advisory Board Member
  • Chanti Beckham, Foundation Coordinator

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Leading Locally

Supporting causes from history to heartstrings

Since 1999, the Carthage Community Foundation has distributed more than $10,418,383 in grants to the community. It supports causes from local history and heritage to economic development, the latter which is supported by the town’s participation in Growth in the Rural Ozarks.

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Carthage 365

Carthage 365 is a giving circle created by the Carthage Community Foundation. The vision is to mobilize a group of passionate, caring individuals to make a big impact on the needs of the Carthage community through collective giving.

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Carthage Legacy Society

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Kevin and Sandi Checkett
  • Amy and Chad Cole
  • Darren and Heather Collier
  • Robert and Rebecca* Copeland
  • Virginia Esterly*
  • Pat and Judy Goff
  • Steven and Cynthia Head
  • Jim and Delores Honey
  • Kenneth Johnson*
  • Donald and Gloria LaFerla
  • Daniel and Mary Pat Lambeth
  • Kristi Montague
  • Samuel R. Morrow Jr.*
  • Marilyn R. Nicholas*
  • Mike, Lee and Emma Pound
  • Mr. and Mrs. William C. Putnam, Jr.
  • Ruth I. Kolpin Rubison *
  • Patrick Scott
  • Dr.* and Mrs.* W. Russell Smith
  • Jane C. Trogdon
  • Jeffrey A. Williams


Our Nonprofit Partners

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