Nov. 16: Philanthropy and Workforce Development — Donor Education Series, Part 4

9 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 16 · Location TBA

In the final session, CFO President Brian Fogle will facilitate a discussion with attendees on the issue of workforce development in the region with a focus on ways funders and philanthropists can help the community.

About the series

In less than a year, one of the biggest challenges has flipped from high unemployment to a worker shortage. In July, the national figure for job openings stood at 9.2 million, the highest on record. Recent surveys for the unemployed show people have concerns that extend beyond the pandemic: health-related worries; a desire to work virtually; childcare issues; limited transportation; and the impact of increased unemployment stipends and stimulus payments. A lack of available and appropriately trained employees is affecting every sector right now.

So what does recovery look like? How does philanthropy play a role in workforce development and worker shortages? How can philanthropy address the concerns of the unemployed — the health-related fears, access to childcare and a lack of other resources? This newest outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is a multi-faceted challenge rippling across our region.

Building off the CFO’s pre-pandemic Philanthropy Summit, this donor educational series will focus on the reasons for the worker shortage along with tangible ways that grantmaking and charitable giving can create solutions.

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