How to create a CauseMomentum project

Nonprofit Partners

Tell your agency’s story through a crowdfunding campaign is the CFO’s own crowdfunding platform, available exclusively to our nonprofit agency partners. Modeled on popular crowdfunding sites, CauseMo offers our nonprofit partners an alternative to other online fundraising options with lower fees and a quicker transfer of funds. It also allows the CFO and its regional affiliate foundations to host online giving events like Give Ozarks Day.

With proper planning, you can quickly assemble a CauseMo project for your agency to raise funds for a specific project or participate in an online giving day.

First Things First

Before you dive in, determine how you will communicate and promote your project. We typically encourage agencies to think about their project as a story, relating it to the hero’s journey — if a donor or a recipient of your services is the main character and they are facing an obstacle, how does your agency help them overcome that challenge and change for the better?

For every element of your CauseMo project, consider how each one can help tell that story. Knowing that story and defining the overarching theme of your project will also help guide the marketing and promotion of your project on social media and other forms of communication.

If you’re not sure about a particular item on the project, refer to the help text. The help text appears to the right side of the form and provides an in-depth resource for creating a crowdfunding project.


  • Project title: Short and attention-grabbing; does not need to include the name of your agency or the name of the giving day event
  • Preview image: Horizontal, preferably 430 pixels by 232 pixels; appears as small thumbnail on project page; can include the logo for your agency or special program
  • Custom donation levels: Four levels, minimum of $5; can be used to quantify impact of different donations and tailored to expected donor
  • Project images and/or video: Horizontal, preferably 750 pixels by 500 pixels; use to tell the visual story of your project; videos must be uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account, then embedded on the project creation form
  • Project teaser: Up to 330 characters; use to elaborate on the project title
  • Project description: Long-form description of your project; do not include general information about your agency — that should be placed in the description on your agency profile

Next Steps

  • Once you have a plan in place and have assembled the ingredient, you can create your project by logging into your CauseMo account and clicking “Add new project +” at the top.
  • On Step 1, start filling in the form with the title and other basic information for the project. You can save as you go, but all required fields must be filled in — including items on Step 3.
  • If you are participating in a giving day event, don’t forget to choose the event under the Campaign option.
  • Select additional categories by holding down “control” or “command” if necessary.
  • Do not enter an amount on the fundraising goal — everyone will start at zero and see how much they can raise!
  • Tailor the custom donation levels on Step 2 for your agency and audience. The minimum amount is $5.
  • On Step 3, add in your project images and text descriptions. If you have a video, you’ll need to find the embed code, available under the sharing options for YouTube or Vimeo.
  • After reviewing the project preview on Step 4, make any necessary changes on the previous steps, then hit “submit project for review” when it’s ready to go!

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