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Scholarship Name
LONG: Dr. Mary King Long Scholarship  
02/01/2009 @ 4:30pm  
Last updated
02/03/2017 @ 2:36pm  
Scholarship Type
Scholarship Amount
* Five $1000 scholarships  
Application Deadline
March 10, 2017  
Application PDF
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Application Details

Please download the above PDF application


Residency Requirements

permanent resident of Taney County, MO

School Requirements


attend any accredited college/university vocational/techical school; pursuing a career in a medically oriented field including but not limited to, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, medical imaging and certification as a paramedic

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Full time student enrolled in a medically oriented program associated with an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school
  2. Permanent resident of Taney County
  3. Demonstrate financial need; submit FAFSA - EFC
  4. Renewable for an additional three (3) years; submit most recent transcript and continued proof of full-time enrollment

Other Requirements

* renewablw for additional three (3) years; in good standing and meet continued full-time enrollment